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Air conditioning has significantly  transformed over the last two decades.. technology has evolved and changed the way we use our air conditioning forever

Competition has grown and the consumer demand has propelled

the industry forward. As a result, we

have multiple highly reputable brands all producing quality air conditioning systems; albeit with slight and varying changes to the way their systems are installed, controlled and operate

In Australia, 'Daikin' are regarded as the paramount brand in air conditioning for both residential and commercial applications - However, as each brand has its own unique functions and attributes; it really does come down to the consumer and what they want out of their air conditioning

R22 is what is referred to as a refrigerant in the Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) class and has been in use in Australia for over 30 years

Due to it's harmful effect on the earths ozone when released to the atmosphere, it was decided in 1996 that a phase out of such refrigerant was required... but due to the amount of systems that contained the refrigerant, it has to be done over a long period of time


Today, strict regulations and compliance is in place to limit the amount of exposure R22 has to the industry and of course, the atmosphere. As a result, the price to repair systems containing R22 refrigerant has increased dramatically.. Does your air conditioning contain R22?


It is a common question we get asked and a very important one to get right

The main variable is what application is the air conditioned required for but for now, let's focus on the residential installations

The two main systems considered are the wall hung split system and the ducted system...reverse cycle, of course ;)

And while both have pros and cons, it must be noted that some times one or the other may not be applicable to your home.. in that case listen to the technician as to why and what he recommends

Wall hung systems are the most cost effective way to cool down an area however when it comes to multiple areas and zone control; A ducted system is a must

why is preventative maintenance so important?

what is the best brand of air conditioning?

r22 Refrigerant phase out... please explain

What is the best type of air conditioning for my house?

In the modern world, you would be forgiven for not remembering to get your air conditioning checked regularly, or even for not knowing that air conditioning (like cars) needs a bit of TLC every now and again... but if it cost you BIG $$$$, would you think twice???

Most common faults on air conditioning occur during extreme temperatures and as a result of lack of maintenance. Even though service frequency may vary between applications, a routine service can keep your air conditioning running at it's most efficient. This will help you get through those sweltering summers and prolong the life of your air conditioner

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